Meet Ray

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Growing up...

Ray grew up right here in Missouri's 2nd Congressional District. Spending his formative years attending St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School in Brentwood, Ray grew up rooted in his Christian faith. Attending Brentwood High School, Ray began his community work becoming an active volunteer in the community through service projects.

While attending the University of Central Missouri, Ray studied Political Science and quickly became a leader on campus assuming the responsibility of leadership roles on campus and was an active voice on campus for the It's On Us campaign; fighting sexual assaults on college campuses.

In 2016, Ray joined the policy team of the Honorable Missouri Governor Jeremiah (Jay) W. Nixon. During his time in the governor's office, Ray assisted senior staff with bill reviews, clemency applications, and board and commission appointments.

In 2018, Ray joined the Missouri Democratic Party's staff organizing for house and senate candidates across Missouri. During his time with the State Party, Ray visited every corner of the state working with democrats to help move the party forward.

Why Am I Running?


Put simply, I'm running for congress in this district I grew up in because I believe that we have the capacity to not only build a broader coalition in this district across divisions of race, region, religion, gender, income, and age group to flip this seat, it's because I believe we have the capacity to make government work a little bit better for the everyday, working-class folks who could just use a little bit of breathing room.